Milkin’ some almonds…

photo-16Yes, life with a baby is seriously busy! So this almond milk recipe is also seriously easy, I promise!

You will need;

1/2 cup of organic raw almonds
1 cup of filtered water (I use our well water, yay for living in the country!)
1 tbsp. of pure local maple syrup
Dash of organic cinnamon
1 nut milk bag (you can usually buy these at your local health food store, they range from $9 to $12 in price.)

Soak the almonds in a glass bowl covered, for however long you can. I try to aim for about 12 hours; 7 pm, around the time my boy falls asleep, to 7 am- he’s awake and happily playing, so I usually have a few moments to myself.

Drain and rinse your almonds well and drop them into a blender, pour in a mason jar of fresh water (or into whatever other vessel you are using to keep your almond milk in- if you do it this way, you won’t end up with extra almond milk you are trying to store.)

At this stage you can either blend it all and have a plain milk or you can add your favourite sweetener. I use local maple syrup and organic cinnamon (see above recipe)

After you have blended your mixture for a few moments, place your nut milk bag partially into your mason jar, allowing the rest of the bag to hang out around the mouth of the jar. Pour your nut milk into the jar through the milk bag and allow all the almond milk to drain from the blended almonds. The almond bits will be captured by the nut milk bag.  You will probably have to squeeze the excess milk from the almonds, hence the term ‘milking’ ;)


Consume your almond milk within 3 – 4 days. Ours never lasts that long!


Gina… the Homeopath.

As I prepare for my final weeks as a student of homeopathy, I feel not keep-calm-i-m-a-homeopathonly incredibly accomplished, excited for my new adventure and relieved…

I also feel grateful.

When I began my studies I was not the person that I am today, and I am very proud of that. I remember being in class and the Dean coming around to each classroom, filling our ears with all the inspiring student stories from across the world- she also warned us that we should be prepared for the momentous life changes that studying this medicine could bring about.

I really didn’t know what she meant until a few weeks ago. Yes, homeopathy changed my life- in a way that I will forever be thankful for. The desire I had to study homeopathy came from nothing, it seemed, but when I began to make the trek to Toronto every weekend, attending lectures and studying for tests, old forgotten about fears began to resurface and I found myself reluctant to pursue my future career. Luckily, that didnt happen- the studying of homeopathy not only became a passionate pursuit, it also became a major contributor to my healing.

Fast forward three and a half years later (the half was due to my pregnancy and it knocking me on my butt for a good 3 months before I FINALLY saw my homeopath and was relieved of my symptoms a mere three days later…surprise, surprise!) I look back and am so grateful for the changes that I brought upon myself with the choices that I made and using homeopathy to assist me through the painful periods.

I feel hopeful for my future studies (…more about that later) and I also feel incredibly honoured to bring this medicine to others. To help others through what ails them, so that they are able to pursue their life’s passion and fulfill their dreams.

Havin’ a cuppa…

Its bloody cold outside.IMG_1023

When did summer leave? It feels as if the leaves began to change mid August. Wait… they did. Summer decided to end early this year… and though I would normally be totally bummed at this thought, I am searching for the positive in this situation (other than the fact that I have a beautiful 2 month old baby)


I love tea. I love black tea, green tea, white tea- tea’s that aren’t really tea’s but fun and healthy herbs that are dried and covered in boiled water to extract their tasty healthiness.

In this blog post we will explore tea. All types of tea- even some of my favourite herbal healthy ones.

Did you know black tea, green tea and white tea are all from the same tea leaf?? They all just have different levels of oxidization. Therefore slightly different health benefits and obviously different tastes;

Black tea (my personal favourite) contains a great amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants may enter the body through diet (including our lovely black tea) and destroy damaging free radicals, helping to protect our cells from DNA damage. Black tea can also contribute to a healthy heart, oral health and even reduce stress by means of the amino acid L-theanine. Black tea can also, as we all know, increase energy. You can drink black tea, black- or enjoy with milk and sugar

Green tea, depending on where it’s from, can have a slightly bitter taste. It’s great for clearing skin, whether applied topically or ingested internally, it contains a great amount of anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that assist with inflammation, which is also good news for inflammatory illness that is also occurring inside the body.

White tea has a beautiful mild taste, slightly less bitter than its older sister green tea. White tea has an abundance of antioxidants as well, assisting the body’s ability to detox, prevent cancer and protect the heart.

Raspberry Leaf is one of my favourite herbal teas- I drank 2 cups everyday during my pregnancy. It’s great for toning and strengthening the uterus. Its also been known to assist with heavy menstrual bleeding and because its high in iron and magnesium it can assist with painful period cramps and even hot flashes.

Peppermint leaves are wonderful after a heavy meal. Not only do they have a refreshing mint flavor they also aid in digestion, indigestion, IBS and nausea (another pregnancy bonus) TIP: if you are drinking a herbal tea that you know is good for your health, but you aren’t keen on the taste; pop a peppermint bag in your cup along with the herbal tea and you will drift away in peppermint-y goodness while still getting the benefits of the herbal tea you started with!

Nettle tea, in my opinion, is one of the healthiest herbal teas that you can buy. One summer I had terrible poison ivy and nothing was working to aid in healing it- desperate, I visited a herbalist and he instructed me to drink nettle tea. To my surprise, it cleared my posion ivy- later on, I found out it was a wonderful blood purifier. Along with blood purification it’s also good for malabsoprtion problems, arthritis, rheumatism, hay fever, kidney problems and anemia.

Catnip, not just good for doping up kitties! Yes, catnip will knock you out. The first time I drank catnip I thought someone slipped a sleeping drug into my cup. I slept great that night. Naturally, it helps with sleep and stress but it’s also wonderful for colds and flu.


So, now I would advise you to curl up with a great book or magazine (or read through my blog entries) and enjoy one of these great herbal or caffeine teas.












Listen to the body and find healing in Reiki…

264556_10151952072578960_2071766613_nA few months back, I was asked to write an article for a very new, very small wellness magazine that was being published in the area I live (Northumberland County)  – I decided to write an article about the wonderful healing benefits of Reiki. I must have done good, they asked me to write again!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the magazine (its free) or don’t live in the area and would like the chance to give it a read, you can read it below :)




Listen to the body and find healing in Reiki…
By Gina R. Newcomb

Our bodies possess the incredible ability of communication. Not only does the body communicate with itself for things like physical movement and digestion, but it also gives us a heads up when things are not right. Symptoms, as they are called, can manifest themselves as headaches, body pain, and even anxiety, to name a few.  These symptoms are the key to our health, without these symptoms, as humans, we would not be able to take the appropriate measures for healing and a better quality of life. Unfortunately, listening to these symptoms is not one of our strong points, as humans. Most often we will pop a painkiller or fill a prescription, before understanding why these symptoms have presented themselves.  As humans, we have a misunderstanding with our own bodies and well-being and when our health quickly escalates into a myriad of symptoms we are often left wondering… why? What is going on with me?

Now, because not all of us are guru’s at meditation and can spare twelve hours a day delving into why our bodies have been misunderstood, we can rely on a little energetically driven friend called Reiki.  Reiki, otherwise known as Universal Life Force Energy, is an amazing tool for relaxation and healing both physically and mentally. It is based on the idea that this ‘life force energy’ is flowing through us, around us and is the reason we are alive. When this energy is low we may feel ill or sick and our lovely symptoms will appear.  When it is high, we feel energetic and at peace, healthy.

Reiki is administered by a ‘laying’ on of hands by a Reiki Master or Practitioner. The energy is then channeled through the practitioner and into the receiver for their highest and greatest good, in other words, healing.  Receiving a Reiki treatment is different for everyone. Most often individuals will feel a sense of relaxation, peace and calm. Others will feel the energy, much like an incredible heat and a wave like sensation moving through them where the practitioner has laid their hands. Some individuals will even experience visions and see colours. Most Reiki Pracitioner’s become very intuitive as they move through their practice and are able to see visions that are in tune with their patient, and their patients life experiences.

A Reiki Practitioner must go through a sequence of training classes and receive an attunement from their Reiki Master. The attunement opens up the crown, heart and palm chakra’s and creates an energetic connection between the Reiki Master and the newly attuned Reiki Practitioner.  Once you have received the attunement, the practitioner must gain knowledge and practice with patients to be able to move forward, if they so choose, to the next level in their Reiki training.

To become a Reiki Master, the Reiki Practitioner must hold high reverence for Reiki and its practice. Once you have become a Reiki Master, it is your duty to commit yourself to the energy. Healing, learning and growing.

There are many individuals that have become attuned to Reiki, to help their families and friends and for their own self-healing. As well as many who wish to move to bigger things with Reiki like holding seminars and offering classes. As Reiki is gaining in popularity, resources are increasing in availability.  The CRA; Canadian Reiki Association, is an excellent resource to find Reiki Practitioners and Masters in the area you reside;  The International Centre for Reiki Training is also an excellent tool to learn about Reiki, its origins along with materials for Reiki Masters and Reiki Practitioner information.

My experience as a Reiki Master has been incredible. I have had the privilege of assisting others on their own journey to health. I have witnessed individuals let go of illness, find love and peace in hard times, and move forward symptom free. Reiki has been a blessing in my own healing journey. Learning to listen to my body, utilizing Reiki for healing and growth has allowed me to better relate to my clients and offer them true understanding in their hard times.

As humans we need to have patience with our bodies and our own healing journeys.  We must always remember that we are here to experience life as humans, mistakes are welcome, that is what it is to be human.


wordWords are powerful.

In mere moments we are able to lift someone’s spirits, or break their hearts.  Most times words are not used to their advantage, especially when we need to speak up for ourselves.  We need to remember that we can use words as a tool to bring us stress relief, change, and comfort.  When we don’t use words, we may be mislead and begin to create negative assumptions in our heads about how others feel, about us, or situations that are important.

In my life’s journey, I have learned that as a human, I am not one to speak my mind or express my true feelings about issues or topics that might be uncomfortable. The Universe always seems to have a way to push me, or even at times, slap me in the face, until I use my words to welcome change.

Welcome change by using your words. Speak out loud about your intentions, set them into motion in the universe. Sometimes when words are said out loud, the intention becomes more concrete. You suddenly become accountable for the words you have chosen, whether positive or negative. Choose wisely, speak kindly, and follow through.